View Full Version : First Time Cycle Log

10-06-2014, 12:15 AM
started my first cycle
im on day 8

info about myself:
25 years old 5'10 180lbs lean atm
been training for 6 years.
my third month of the gym i messed up when i was young on prohoromones.. was omnievol.... lol
havn't touched anything since.

16 week cycle

Andromix 1 cc EOD
Test Prop 0.5 cc EOD
adex .5 mg EOD

PCT ive got clomid nolva and letro on hand.

any advice is appreciated.

was wondering if this cycle is enough test?

i bought andromix two seperate times. the first batch i think something was wrong..
got the worst PIP ever couldnt walk barely get up stairs! switched vials the PIP is fine..

workouts 6 days a week.
high volume.

M- Back/triceps
W-heavy leg day