View Full Version : Eat stop eat, leangains?

01-08-2011, 04:18 PM
What Your guys opinion on these type of eating styles? IM NO EXPERT but I have used intermittent fasting to lose 35lbs, and I do have my doubts about the benefits in eating every 2 hours and such. Im more of a calories in vs calories out thinker, I also believe macros matter, however I just don't believe the timing of when You eat matter.

Obviously every ones different and, some people NEED breakfast in the morning to get going. What works for some people may not work for others. I personally ( besides failed attempts at trying to DIET before) rarely eat breakfast Id rather save those calories for later in the day.

EDIT: I do believe post work out meals are important as well.

Im going to start my first cycle soon (4wks dbol, 12 weeks test) and am going to ditch this eating style for a more traditional one while ON ( basically just to make it easier to get in 4500-5000 cal a day.) However when Im OFF I figure ill slowly bring cals down to 2500-3000 and most likely wind up Back on a intermittent fasting style of eating. Splitting my calories up into two large calorie meals and two or three snacks in between to insure i get my 1.5-2g protein and enough cals. For me it just allows more choices in enjoyable foods. I still will have to manage my macros ( alot more closely then now I usually only get a little over 1g protein per pound)

Just wondering what others diets were and opinions on if this will work to maintain gains while of cycle.......

02-16-2011, 08:24 PM
Sounds like the warrior diet to me! I heard its good for losing weight. Im actually trying a modified version of that. Where i undereat during day. Than after my workout you stuff in a ton of calories. Evryone is different for sure. Nothing is set in stone. trial and error my friend!!!